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Top 5 Reasons Moms Love Readeo:

  1. Break Time - take a break while the kids are BookChatting with grandma, dad, cousins, etc. (many BookChats last 25 or 30 minutes even for children as young as 3). This is a break you can feel great about taking!

  2. Even Smarter Kids - studies show reading to a child actually stimulates brain cell development and helps form more intricate brain cell connections

  3. Give Kids a Head Start - children who are read to from birth begin showing developmental advances as early as age 2!

  4. Get a Book, Give a Book - you'll get a book for your family and we'll give a book to a child in need when you sign up for readeo through Mamapedia!

  5. Connect Your Children - few things connect us more meaningfully with children than reading with them. Let your family be etched in your children's early childhood memories through this rewarding experience!

Plus, when you sign up today, in addition to the 66% off deal you're getting, you'll also get a free hard copy of the Caldecott Honored book Interrupting Chicken (in addition to the book we'll donate to a child in need through First Book!

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Answers to Questions about this limited-time offer:

How long will this deal last?

This offer is good today only! If you want it, you'd better put a ring on it. Fast!

How many subscriptions can I purchase?

As many as you'd like! Get one for your family, get a couple to give as gifts. (But realize that a family generally only needs one Member account and the rest can sign up as free Guests)

Is a Credit Card required?

Yes—you'll need a valid credit card to purchase a Member Subscription.

If I give it as a gift, what will the recipient be able to do with the Member Account?

Members are able to read with their children, grandchildren, nieces & nephews, friends, and any of the other children in their life no matter how far away they might live with no limits on number of connections or number of books.

Do other family and friends need Readeo accounts to BookChat?

Yes- but they're FREE! Anyone who would like to BookChat with will Mom, Grandma, etc. needs to set up a free Guest account. They can do that from the Readeo home page or by clicking on this link: https://www.readeo.com/s/guest.php. To understand the differences between Guest and Member accounts, please see our "How it Works" page.